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Security cPanel

Regularly update cPanel

Don’t ignore those regular cPanel updates. These patches address bugs and security flaws so skipping an update can expose you to a lot of risks. Plus, it doesn’t really take a lot of time to complete these updates. You can also configure automatic updates to ensure that your cPanel is regularly updated.

Use stronger passwords

One of the most common cases of security lapses is the use of an insecure password. Make no mistake about it, the use of insecure passwords can increase the likelihood of a hacker compromising an account. When hackers are able to correctly guess a password, they can get into a cPanel account and infect or deface websites. They can also use these websites to spread viruses.

Secure Apache

The most readily available way to get access to a web server is through a web server application. This underlines the need to secure your Apache installation.

Disable Anonymous FTP

Leaving Anonymous FTP open is risky. There’s the potential that a hacker will be able to upload content and gain access to your account. But by disabling Anonymous FTP, you can prevent these kinds of security breach from happening .

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Enable firewall

The firewall protects the server from unauthorized access, as well as viruses and malware. Install a firewall or enable it to limit the access to your server. You can also use this to remove unused services and daemons.

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