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How to Renew a Domain

renew domain

Domain names need to be renewed annually.

When the time comes around you want to be prepared in order to avoid any catastrophes. You can renew your domain name registration at any point, in fact renewing during a special promotion is a great way to save extra money. Some domain endings, like Country Code domains, take additional time to renew, so we suggest you renew at least 15 days before it expires.

Egypt Domain Naming

Egypt Domain Naming

RamaHost Web Hosting in Egypt as a business or organisation it is important to register domain names in order to protect company names, trademarks, brand names, etc. Commercially the right domain names will help improve the profile of your business and ensure you strengthen your identity on the Internet.

Domain names can also be associated with individuals. Combined with one of our hosting packages your domain name could be used to display online portfolios or CV.s, web blogs, photo galleries and much more.

Searching For Domain Names

  • Try to keep the name short and descriptive .
  • Identify keywords that describe your business or interest to help create a useful name.
  • Try hyphenating (-) your keywords.
  • Consider the singular and plural forms of the domain name.
  • Search for generic words associated with your business or products e.g.
  • Add a prefix or suffix to a keyword e.g. .e-. or .guide.
  • If a domain you like is available, register it straight away. If you don't, you may be disappointed.